Shortly after she finished recording REBORN, we had a chance to sit down with Nanase and ask her a few questions, about the album, recording process, and jacket.


■Please tell us how you feel about the new album.
Since I’ve been thinking about this album for a long time, it became a piece that could confirm my feelings about music. I really enjoyed myself during the recording process, and felt that I tapped into a whole new part of myself.
■How was the title REBORN decided?
A title tune was made at the beginning, and it was a big part of choosing this title. We usually choose a title after completing all the songs, yet this time, after the song, “REBORN” was completed, we all felt that this whole project was the rebirth of Nanase Aikawa. Naturally all the staff started calling this album, REBORN, so we thought “Why not?”.
■What is the main concept of this album?
Danceable rock!
■What was the biggest challenge of the recording process?
I would say it was the lyrics. It always is a lot of work to write lyrics, and there’s a lot of trial and error that goes into it, where you try things over and over again to see if they work.
■Do you have a certain way that you write your lyrics? For instance, is there a notebook you always write down ideas, or do you get lots of ideas at a particular place, etc…?
Basically, I always write any ideas in a notebook, and wait till words start pouring out inside of me. There isn’t any particular place I go to, to write lyrics, but I think ideas always come out when I’m doing something else. Before, it often happened in a car, but it happens in everyday life now.
■Have you ever changed any part of the lyrics after a song was completed?
Very often. Even after completing a recording, we sometimes do the whole thing over again. (Smiles) But, it always turns out to be a lot better if I hadn’t spent the time and effort to redo it. (Mock crying).
■How do you decide the order of songs in an album?
By gathering everyone’s ideas. But, we can often see “this should be the opening, the last and the middle”throughout the process of making and recording, so we try to fit them together like a puzzle.
■I believe all the songs are your favorites, but can you tell us the song for which you put an emotional attachment the most?
Well. I went through the last 4 years with each song so I’m attached to all of them. I’ve never devoted this much time to the songs before and I’m very happy to be able to do that this time. If a ranking has to be made, I’m a little more attached to the songs with YASU and JUON.
■Can you tell us the reason for that?
It was 3 years ago that YASU gave me the song.
JUON’s was over 2 years ago.
I really feel that it is truly valuable to spend that much time together.
■Which song was done first?
The first was “PRISM”.
■You’ve introduced some new songs at lives and events. Are any of them included in the album?
Some are and some are not. All of the songs I performed at the live concert in July last year are included in this album.
Originally, “SUKIDAYO” was not scheduled to be in, but at the last minute, it was included. I’m happy about the work!
■What is the most important thing about recording an album?
The condition of my throat!
■What were you worried about the most with this recording?
I tried not to think too much about the condition of my throat and shoulders etcetera, since I often worry about my shoulders. My shoulders get stiff when I’m nervous, and it affects my voice. The director always gives me an infrared massage before recording. (Thanks!)
■You’ve released some songs in unit while you were working on the album. Is there any difference between recording an album and in unit?
The part that I can concentrate just being a vocalist. I simply enjoy that. I like the parts where I can devote myself to just the songs. I also like to sing the songs whose lyrics were written not by me but someone else.
■How do you refresh yourself when you are stuck?
Go to Karaoke and sing, sing, sing! Go to a party with friends!
■How do you feel now, after completing the recording?
I don’t have time to feel relieved, because I need to think about the next one!
■The pictures of you on the jacket of this album are very different from any of your other albums. Were the pictures taken to reflect the theme of the album?
The style and image was made to express “REBORN”, the principal theme.
■If there are any secret stories about the jacket pictures, please tell us.
The shooting was very exciting since I was challenged to express “REBORN” in a mode I’ve never tried before. Though a large number of the pictures were taken, I enjoyed it very much since they were all deliberate choices - like the ones with the same outfit with different directions in blue and red back.
A ripped off jeans were totally ripped after I took off once, and liked like a rug at last (smiles).
■What was the inspiration to change the hair style?
TAKU, the hair artist, said it would be cool if I showed my ears. I had my big hair cut there. Right after I did, Tsugumi, the stylist, smiled and said, “You look like your san”. I myself thought the same thing. I like the boyish look.
■If there are fans who want to try your hair style, can you give any advice?
If you show your ears resolutely, you’d look very cute. Back and side should be longer for the better.
■Is there any hair style you want to try in the future?
I’ve done enough. (Smiles)
■There are some changes to your fashion sense, like live costumes. Is there any theme you decided yourself?
Recently, I’m secretly into black as a reaction of looking too much color as a color therapist. Could be my first time wearing this much black in everyday life since the debut.
Styling is an essential element and should be creative. I’d like to be cool like the music I make.
■What are you into right now?
Be environmental with what I can! Recycle!
Also, I found a very good seaweed shop and I’m into seaweed from there. I’m happy with rice and just the seaweed…
■Any message you want to give your fans?
Thank you for waiting for a long time. I’d like to dedicate this album to all of you who have been waiting! This album is a rebirth of my feeling towards music, and could be the rebirth of the Nanase Aikawa inside of you. I truly hope that this album will blend into part of your life! Let’s get excited at lives again!!