A live tour will be in spring, 2009!!

After a long period of silence, Aikawa Nanase is going on a tour with her new album, REBORN.
What kind of performance can we expect at the clubs which will be the first to experience her new sound? The songs from REBORN of course, and all the old familiar songs could be REBORN there, too!


[ADV/DAY] \5,250/\5,750   [DRINK] \500   [TICKET] 08.12.27 Sat on sale simultaneously

2009.2.16 Mon   【Birthday Special】

Hall:duo music exchange (Tokyo)   [OPEN/START] 18:00/19:00

HP : http://www.duomusicexchange.com/

[Sponsor] TOKYO-FM   [Information] Kyodo Tokyo:03-3498-9999

2009.2.19 Thu

Hall:mole (Sapporo)   [OPEN/START] 18:00/19:00

HP : http://www.mole-sapporo.jp/

[Sponsor] Hokkaido TV Broadcasting   [Information] WESS:011-614-9999

2009.2.21 Sat

Hall:Neo BrotherZ (Sendai)   [OPEN/START] 17:00/18:00

HP : http://www17.plala.or.jp/NeoBrotherZ/index4.html

[Sponsor] Touhoku Broadcasting   [Information] News Promotion:022-266-7555

2009.2.24 Tue

Hall:OZON (Nagoya)   [OPEN/START] 18:00/19:00

HP : http://www.ozon-sp.com/main/

[Sponsor] FM AICHI   [Information] Sunday Falk Promotion:052-320-9100

2009.2.25 Wed

Hall:TRIANGLE (Osaka)   [OPEN/START] 18:00/19:00

HP : http://www.triangle-osaka.jp/

[Sponsor] FM OSAKA   [Information] Kyodo Ticket Center:06-7732-8888

2009.2.27 Fri

Hall:graf (Fukuoka)   [OPEN/START] 18:00/19:00

HP : http://www.graf-graf.com/

[Sponsor] Television Nishinippon   [Information] Kyodo Nishinippon:092-714-0159

2009.3.3 Tue

Hall:WOMB (Tokyo)   [OPEN/START] 18:00/19:00

HP : http://www.womb.co.jp/

[Sponsor] TOKYO-FM   [Information] Kyodo Tokyo:03-3498-9999