We spoke to the creators who put together the flashy visual effects of REBORN, and asked them about the album and Nanase Aikawa.

Project Management

Kazuo Yoshiwara

■Please tell us about the jacket concept.
My main work is to direct and produce fashion show and events. Once I heard the title of the album, “Re-born”, I composed the new image of Nanase Aikawa, accentuating “Fashion”and “Mode” which is right up my street. The staffs were the great members whom I often work with.
■Tell us how you met Ms. Aikawa.
There is a bland called “CHIYUKI” which I direct. The designer introduced her to me at the collection site since she was a good friend of hers. We are very good friends with many common friends
■What kind of person is Nanase Aikawa from your point of view?
A very attractive lady who has a deep inner strength.

Graphic Director

Atsushi Umezawa (Glam Beast)

HP : http://www.glambeast.com

■Please tell us about the design concept.
I chose the colors red to express energy and blue, as a contrast, for coolness. The design’s made using light and shadow to express women’s attractiveness which appears and disappears from time to time.
■What was the most difficult point in design?
I tried to be consistent with a sense of balance in showing and not showing throughout. It ended up with a visual which is fashionable yet not too cool, I believe.
■Was there an unknown episode in shooting?
The back-lighted expression was accidently taken in a lively move, however, it turned out to be the best shot which shows the expression that I desired to take.
Also, she does not play her own song during shooting. Her free style like that lifted the staffs’ spirits at the site.
■What kind of person is Nanase Aikawa, from your point of view?
She is a woman who’s got a cute side in handsomeness. I was very happy to work with her and watching her construct an image of herself.



HP : http://www.rintaro1.com/RINTARO/Top.html

■What was the most difficult thing in shooting?
Nothing special, since I work with excellent staff.
■What is the most important thing when shooting?
I’m focusing on how I could cut the strength and weakness of the subject and the time we share beautifully yet dynamically.
■What kind of person is Nanase Aikawa from your point of view?
A woman who’s got an extraordinarily power.


Tsugumi Watari (angle)

HP : http://www.angle-management.com/main_ja.html

■Black seems to be the main color of the costume this time. Was that decided before going into the shooting?
I talked to Mr. Umezawa about the theme of the costume and decided it would be black, not colorful, to show her personal image of “REBORN” as a base line.
The whole thing has to be decided before the shooting since there is a meeting in advance.
Sometimes there are some changes in styling, depending on the situations at hand.
■What kind of person is Nanase Aikawa from your point of view?
A matured woman with a clear mind that very easy to talk to. I enjoy being with her.


UDA (S-14)

HP : http://www.s-14.jp/UDA/

■Tell us about the main theme of the makeup.
Strong and sexy eyes contrasting her baby-face.
■Do you choose the makeup from the costume?
Yes. I always think about how she would look more attractive with the costume.
■What kind of person is Nanase Aikawa from your point of view?
I’ve never seen her live performance yet. But in person, I felt that she is an attractive person who has a strong power inside and pushes it out when singing.


TAKU (eight peace)

HP : http://www.eightpeace.net/top.html

■You cut her hair on the very shooting day. How did you decide the hair style? What is the inspiration?
Getting the idea form the creative side to change her image from before, I decided the theme would be modern and edge yet would have some elegance.
■Can you give any advice to the fans who want to try the same hair style as hers?
It is a geometric style, cutting sideburns as forelocks. The length of the bangs are the key.
Since everyone has a different bone structure it won’t be exactly the same. You can enjoy an arrangement of bang line like round or shaggy.
■What kind of person is Nanase Aikawa from your point of view?
Friendly and energetic!