Sending my heart to the stricken area.

It’s been 1 year since the earthquake.
That day, the whole Japan , the whole world was watching and praying for
Tohoku area with grieving.
There was nothing we could do from the distance at that moment.
Fighting with irritation, we’ve tried to see what we could do by groping.
I think that it was a year that each one of us tried our best on what we finally
found what we could do for them.
I, myself, am painfully aware that there still is a long and far way to the
rebuilding, and the whole Japan needs to be united.

I believe in heart that one maybe a small power, but if one becomes two and two becomes three…
then it eventually becomes one enormous solid power, so I believe, and try my best on what I can do today on March the 11th.

Sending my heart to the stricken area.
Nanase Aikawa.